Decking can provide a great outdoor entertaining/seating area, whether it be an outdoor area¬†linking the house and garden, on a roof top terrace, in front of a home office, the base under a secluded pergola, or even round a pool or hot tub. With a bit of clever design, features such as in-built storage benches, flower beds or even fire pits can be incorporated in a deck. Don’t forget that deck boards can be laid in various patterns to add further interest to the garden.

Decking boards come in 3 main types of material: softwood, hardwood and composite. Each has it’s own advantages, but whichever you choose we would be using quality materials to ensure that we were building a well constructed high quality deck to last for many years to come.

Here are a few pictures of decking we have installed.

Example 4 - Decking

Roof top terrace decking in Chelsea

Example 2 - Decking

A family friendly decking area with in built storage bench

Example 6 - Decking

Example 6 – Decking